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Daws Close Allotments
A small allotment site squashed between London suburbia and a major nature reserve all within earshot of Wembley stadium.

How to maintain a suburban garden. Garden pests. Garden companions. Flower galleries and much more.

Allotment Growing
Allotment diaries, photographs, advice about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with a forum for chatting on the plot.

Moriati's Composting method.
An ingenious and efficient method of compost making at the right price: FREE

The Garden Seat
A lighter look at the garden and the creatures that also call it their garden.

Lots of useful info for new plot holders & anybody interested in allotment history.


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Surplus for sale.

Support my seed addiction.

This website needs your support.

From time to time I have various seeds, roots and plants surplus to my requirements that I will offer for sale on this page. Quantities are always going to be small with a short period of availability so do check here regularly. Should you see anything you fancy, do not think about it for weeks or you may miss out.

Due to restrictive import/export regulations, anything offered here is available only to UK addresses.


I am now bringing the Yacon crowns back to life after a very long winter. There will be a good selection available this year and expect to update this page again when they have all been sorted. This year I plan to offer different sizes to accomodate different pockets. If you are interested in a purchase please send me an e-mail as I always offer plants first to those waiting longest.

Large Yacon crowns for sale

The above image shows typical crowns for sale price 10.00 each. They will have a minimum of 5 active growth buds and are suitable for growing on as one large plant or dividing into multiple smaller plants.

Smaller crowns will be available shortly.

Yacon tubers for eating are available now. (Please note that these will not grow into plants.) I have more than 15 kilo of tubers more than I will be able to eat so I am open to sensible offers for some or all of them.

Unusual veg Wanted.

The following items are wanted for trial. Will pay cash or trade.

  • Chinese yam
  • Solenostemon rotundifolius (Coleus potato)
  • Manihot esculenta (Cassava.) cutting
  • Pachyrhizus ahipa (Ahipa.)
  • Arracacia xanthorrhiza (Arracacha.)
  • Mirabilis expansa (Mauka.)
  • Ameranthus caudatus (Kiwicha.)